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Salty Heavy Carve Drop Hoop Earrings by Splendette

Salty Heavy Carve Drop Hoop Earrings by Splendette

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Adding a sprinkle of white Salty to your accessories can instantly add a bit of flavour to your vintage style outfit. Whether you're a fan of the 1940s Bakelite fashion or prefer an edgier 1950s rockabilly look, the white Salty Heavy Carve Drop Hoop Earrings are a must have!

White is a classic colour that goes with everything and anything, but we love the nautical look it has when paired with rich red and cool blue fakelite jewellery.

The Salty Heavy Carve Drop Hoop Earrings measure 5.5cm from hook to bottom of drop, and 4cm in diameter.

Please note, all our items are hand made so while we make them as similar as we possibly can, there may be a little bit of variation from the image.

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