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Orange Dress by Banned +

Orange Dress by Banned +

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This dress is dramatically styled in a timeless 1950s silhouette and what better way to enter the season with a ton of oranges on you but why? Well, Roses are red and berries are blue, Oranges are orange that's why they're so cool! 

This oh-so cool orange dress features a wrap V-Neck top with a horizontal waist panel which is wrapped around the waist and not to forget the customisable tie straps which'll nip you in at the waistline. 

It's cut in a striking 1950s semi swing style and comes in a sleeveless bodice, and the fabric is crafted from a firm yet supple texture adorned with juicy oranges and leaves on a sky blue background.

The pleated skirt flows to a calf-length style and there's also room to vamp it up with an additional petticoat which'll give it a lift and allow you to swing around ball room style. Brand is Banned

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