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Miss Candyfloss

Freesia-Lee Spring-summer water repellent coat by Miss Candyfloss

Freesia-Lee Spring-summer water repellent coat by Miss Candyfloss

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Freesia-Lee Spring-Summer Water Repellent coat by Miss Candyfloss

Fit for a Queen! Checked in navy blue and white cotton, you will be able to create endless looks with our majestic Freesia-Lee: The raincoat to flaunt a classic yet fun 1950’s look. Perfect to wear when going for a walk by the sea, in the early morning for a walk outside the resort or any given day, to run some errands in a Queen’s fashion!
Make any of your days special with this one-of-a-kind piece.

Freesia is easy to match with other colors and garments, as it comes in neutral navy blue and white colours. Featuring a pointy collar, that displays your feminine neck with its V line.
With a luxurious satin lining in navy blue, this gem comes with a detachable wide belt and a detachable hood.  Wear it with or without according to the mood and weather of the day!

Comes with pockets, adorned with a pointy detail and buttons, that are the chef’s kiss to this classic staple…Don’t be like the rest of them, darling. Dare to stand out with class in our Freesia-Lee!

Water repellent- for light rain with detachable hood.

Length from waist: 73 cm

Made in Transylvania

The gorgeous model is 169cm tall and wearing size S

Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor!

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