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Vendula Love Dark Blue Umbrella

Vendula Love Dark Blue Umbrella

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Don’t ever let bad weather ruin your day! The beautiful Vendula Love Dark Blue Umbrella can fit in any bag and will keep you dry this season. It will make a lot of eyes turn in our direction as the rain drops fall. Brolly envy is a real possibility with this gorgeous and very stylish umbrella with its red and pink printed details. Hoping for rain on your parade?  We knew it!

  • Folding umbrella
  • 3 section retractable storing metal shaft
  • 8 steel and fibre glass ribs with waterproof fabric
  • Rubber handle with wrist loop
  • Matching sleeve/case
  • Dark blue base, featuring love emblem and hearts pattern.
  • Scallop edge detail and centre.
  • Alternating patterned panels.
  • Logo is featured throughout.
  • Dimensions when folded: 29.5cm
  • Diameter when open 98cm
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