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Garden Centre Tallulah Bag by Vendula

Garden Centre Tallulah Bag by Vendula

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Look who’s back and is looking fabulous! The Vendula Garden Centre Tallulah Bag is impressively roomy and it can fit in all you need daily. It can be carried as a handbag or worn over the shoulder thanks to the detachable strap, and the base stud underneath will keep your bag stable and clean. It comes in yellow and green and boasts an artwork that will wow everyone around you: the Vendula Garden Centre has everything you need to have the best garden this spring/summer. Don’t hesitate to get yourself a matching wallet or match your Tallulah bag with a Potting Shed or Flower Shop wallet to complete the look!

Please note, there is a slight misprint on the back of the Garden Centre bags, that is caused by a handmade screen printing mistake. The misprint is a light blue bar on our little cat friend’s dungarees — and as this is on the back of the bags, we don’t think it’ll impact the overall use and enjoyment of the design or product. We take our commitments to our vegan and ecological values, as well as being as open and honest seriously, so re-making a whole range and destroying imperfect product due to a printing error would be incredibly wasteful. So, instead of scrapping these bags, we will add double loyalty points to your loyalty account when you buy one of the Garden Centre bags, so that you can still enjoy another whimsical Vendula London design — even with a little oopsie!
We thank you for your understanding and support.

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