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The Christmas Theatre Key Charm by Irregular Choice

The Christmas Theatre Key Charm by Irregular Choice

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Are you running out of stocking filler ideas? Why not slip in a Christmas Theatre Key Charm and make someone happy on Christmas Day? This handbag-shaped key charm made of vegan leather features our famous feline Nutcracker and a mini holly charm to make it look even more Christmassy. It comes with a clasp so you can attach it to your Cora, Box or Luna bag and use it as a charm, but also with a ring to attach the charm to your keys and therefore use it as – you’ve guessed it - a keyring! We predict this little gem will be a best seller so, quick, get yours before it’s too late!

  • Printed and embossed vegan leather
  • Hand stitched details in vegan leather and cotton
  • Branded dog-clip
  • Branded split ring

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