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I-Scream Truck Key Charm by Vendula

I-Scream Truck Key Charm by Vendula

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Good things come in threes: a bag, a coin purse, and a key charm! The I-Scream Truck Key Charm will match your I-Scream Truck bag and purse to perfection with its freaky artwork. It also glows in the dark, so you will always find your keys, even at night – isn’t that awesome!? Of course, you can also use this accessory as a bag charm and attach it to your I-Scream Truck bag, pouch or Pumpkin bag, for bonus fashion points. It is a terrific ornament that will thrill everyone, young and old alike!

  • Printed and embossed vegan leather
  • Hand stitched details in vegan leather and cotton
  • Branded dog-clip
  • Branded split ring
  • Dimensions: 8cm (H) x 10cm (W) x 0.4cm (D)
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